University of Saskatchewan

Feed2rss: Rewrite RSS Feeds

Feed2rss rewrites Atom and RSS feeds to make them more useful. Given the address of any feed, we convert it into RSS 1.0, 2.0 or ATOM format according to the parameters that you specify.

URL(s) Please enter the web address of an RSS or ATOM feed.
Note: Please verify the URL of your feed (make sure it presents raw RSS) and check that it is valid before using this form.
RSS 1RSS 2Atom

Number of items to display? (enter -1 to show all items)

Show item descriptions? (0=no descriptions; 1=show description; n>1 = show first n characters)

Show feed description? (0=no description; 1=show description; n>1 = show first n characters)

Show feed image? (0=no image; 1=show image)

Show enclosures in RSS2/Atom feeds? (0=no; 1=yes; n>1 = show enclosures under n bytes)

Strip HTML markup? (0=no; 1=yes; <p><a>=everything except these tags

Use UTF-8 output encoding? (0=no; 1=UTF-8 characters in input are preserved)

The following options override information in the original feed. They are useful when aggregating feeds, but please do not rewrite individual feeds unless you have permission to do so.

Feed Title (use this title instead of the one provided)

Feed Description (use this description instead of the one provided)

Feed Image URL (use this image instead of the one provided)

Number of items to skip? (enter 1 to skip the first item)

Feed2rss was written by Earl Fogel at the University of Saskatchewn. It was inspired by Alan Levine's feed2js software. It uses Magpie and the Unversal Feed Generator.