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U of S RSS Feed Processing

Terms of Use

These tools are made available to support University of Saskatchewan RSS feeds and web pages.

They will not work for off-campus sites using off-campus RSS feeds. If you'd like to do that, please download and install these tools on your own server.


Feed2rss is a caching, rewriting RSS proxy written in PHP. It takes RSS feeds in any format that Magpie supports and converts them to RSS 1.0, 2.0 or Atom format. On the way, it can strip out HTML markup, and also lets you choose how many items to display and whether to include item descriptions (and how much of each description). Feeds are cached to reduce the load on remote servers. If a remote feed is off-line for some reason, the proxy returns an old version from the cache.

Try our Feed2rss or download your own copy.


Feed2js is an open source tool for displaying RSS feed on web pages using Javascript. We use Feed2js to display news on the PAWS home page.

Try our version of Feed2js or download your own copy from